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Hands-ART Proposal #1 : 
Paris Wild Plum Blossom Series by Tseng Chih-Wei

Taiwanese theatre artist Tseng Chih-Wei has worked with eight French theatre companies since 2016. Chih-Wei is now developing the “Paris Wild Plum Blossom Series” through the inspiration of his adventure in the city of romance. Struggling with love, livelihood, language barriers, cultural differences and identity issues, how can a young Asian biological male survive in this civil jungle?

To make this project happen,  we have launched a crowdfunding proposal with three innovative events:

I. Online Exhibition from May to July: Your Story, My Fantasy. Send Chih-Wei a picture of your window view along with its story, then he will sketch it.

II. Lecture Performance @ Hsin’Space in July: Join Chih-Wei’s journey of French-Taiwanese co-production projects. Discover what the surprises are and what challenges we face during international collaboration!

III. Theatre Show@ Thinkers’ Theatre in December: Combining theatre, dance, performance art, and exhibition, This show, as part of Chih-Wei’s Queer Body series, will explore love, gender and identity.

Under the current Covid-19 crisis,  theatre artist Tseng Chih-Wei is facing the same difficulties like other artists around the world: suspension of projects and cancelation of shows. However, he decides to  stay positive and take this unemployed period as a chance to develop his new creation “Paris Wild Plum Blossom Series”. Tseng Chih-Wei needs your participation and support to complete this project.

Chih Wei's Sketch

2018 Summer, Montmartre Paris

About Tseng Chih Wei

Graduating from Taipei National University of the Arts, he majored in directing. Now he works as a theatre freelancer: director, actor, dancer, movement director, model, stage manager, producer, translator and director assistant. He devotes his efforts to interdisciplinary performing arts and international collaboration.

Since 2016, he has worked with different French directors: Emmanuel Demarcy Mota, Pascal Rambert, Jean-François Auguste, Damien Chardonnet-Darmaillacq, Matthieu Roy, Antoine Guillot, Denise Schröpfer, and performed in Taiwan, Paris, Festival Off d’Avignon, and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 2016, Europe Connexion had its premier in Taipei, then between 2017-2018, it toured in 18 cities in France with 112 shows.

In 2018, he moved to Paris to study French. During his stay, he was invited to do artist residencies in MC93 de Paris and in Théâtre Louis Jouvet de Rethel.

Learn more about Chih Wei: WebsiteFacebookInstagram

Support Paris Wild Plum Blossom Series

Pledge NT$200 or more:
Pledge without a reward. Support the project for no reward,  just because it speaks to you.
Pledge NT$500 or more:
1 ticket for lecture performance (livestream session)
Wherever you are, easily join the lecture performance from your laptop.  
Pledge NT$800 or more:
1 ticket for lecture performance at Hsin’Space (including 1 free drink)
Pledge NT$1500 or more: 
1 original copy of a sketch of your window viewPledge NT$1800 or more:
1 ticket for lecture performance (livestream session)
1 original copy of a sketch of your window view

Pledge NT$2000 or more:
1 original copy of a sketch of your window view
1 ticket for lecture performance at Hsin's Space (including 1 free drink)

Pledge NT$3800 or more:
1 original copy of a sketch of your window view
1 ticket for lecture performance at Hsin's Space (including 1 free drink)
1 ticket for theatre show at Thinkers' Theatre


1. Window sketch: Once you have made your pledge, artist Tseng Chih-Wei will contact you by email to let you know how to provide the photo and the story of your window view. You may write the story in a language you prefer. Chih-Wei will sketch your photo and use it as part of the scenery for his theatre in December at the Thinkers’ Theatre. The original copy of a sketch will be sent to you by post in November. The preset pledge amount only includes delivery costs within Taiwan. A shipping fee of NT$300 will be charged for international delivery. Depending on your country, in some instances you may be responsible for paying duty or taxes for the package. Shipping is subject to lockdown restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic in certain countries. We will keep backers updated if the shipping of rewards is affected.

2. Lecture performance will be held on the 11th of July at Hsin’Space . Language: mainly in Mandarin, some English and French. 

3. Theatre Show will be held in December at Thinkers’ Theatre. Language: mainly in Mandarin, some English and French. We will provide more details about the dates and ticketing in July. 

4. The following Covid-19 preventive measures may be adopted during our events at Hsin’Space and Thinkers’ Theatre: health declaration form, temperature check, respiratory hygiene, social distancing.  

5. If you have any questions, please contact wesley28825252@gmail.com

How to make your pledge