Can I cancel the pledge while the project is ongoing?


Please send "Project Name", "Transaction number", "Pledge Amount" and "Reason for Canceling" of your pledge to our customer service mailbox ( to cancel the pledge.

Can I pledge anonymously?

Yes. You can choose "Pledge anonymously" before you check out.

If you want it to be anonymous after you pledged, you can change it in your backed section.

What are the payment options?

We provide following payment methods:
1. Credit card lump sum
2. Credit card installment
3. ATM (WebATM / ATM machine ; Taiwan only)
4. Convenience store payment (Taiwan only)

【Credit card lump sum】
Support card types: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay. ( Support Apple Pay )

Support Apple Pay.

◎ VISA debit card needs to open the online transaction function.

◎ The transaction details displayed on the credit card bill for each pledge are "NewebPay-flyingV Crowdfunding Platform", and will not list the name of the project or the content of the rewards.

【Credit card installment】
Creators can choose to provide this payment method or not.
Support card types: VISA, MasterCard, JCB.
Installments: 3 / 6

*The installment payment service is limited to Taiwan issuing banks.

【ATM】 (WebATM / ATM machine ; Taiwan only)

Cooperative banks: Bank of Taiwan, Taishin International Bank, Hua Nan Bank.

Holders of debit cards issued by the above banks can be exempted from interbank handling fees; Otherwise, there will generate the handling fee of NTD 10-15.

◎ WebATM: Choose a designated bank and use a card reader to transfer money online instantly.

◎ ATM machine: After obtaining the bank code and the pay code, you can transfer with all ATM machines in Taiwan. The pay code will expire after 48 hours (2 days), and the overdue transaction will automatically become invalid; if you still want to pledge, please visit the project page again to complete the pledge and obtain a new pay code.

【Convenience store payment】 (Taiwan only)

*Convenience store payment is not convenience store pickup.

◎ Please pay in following convenience stores before the pay code is expired: 7-11 / FamilyMart / Hi-Life / OK mart.

The pay code will expire after 48 hours (2 days), and the overdue transaction will automatically become invalid; if you still want to pledge, please visit the project page again to complete the pledge and obtain a new pay code.

◎ If the total amount exceeds NTD $20,000, convenience store payments cannot be used.

How to check the payment status of an order?

Paid orders will be displayed on the backed section.

I forgot the convenience store / ATM payment code.

The pay code of the convenience store /ATM can be found in the pledge notification letter, or you can go back to the backed to check it on the order.

The pledge process keeps failing!

There are many reasons for the failure of the pledge, which may be due to the poor network environment, the browser not being upgraded to the latest version, or the temporary maintenance of the cashflow system.

The reasons for the failure of credit card payment are: card information input error (card number, effective month and year, last three digits on the back), a new card has been issued, the quota of the current month has been exceeded, or the online consumption function has not been activated.

If the payment is still not successful, please write to, and we will help you find the reason as soon as possible.

How to change my shipping details?

Please go to backed section and click "Edit" on the right side of the order.

You can edit the recipient's name, phone number, address, note, and survey answer within three days after the project end date.

"View" will be displayed on the right side of orders more than three days after the end of the project, indicating that they cannot be modified.

If you still need to change the receiving information, please return to the project page, leave a message in the [Comments] or click [Contact Creator], and the creator will handle it for you.

How does the backer know the project progress?

We will recommend that the creator update the process of the project (from start to completion) and the reward delivery schedule in the [Updates] on the project page.

When the project ends, the system will send an email to notify all backers, so that backers can understand the progress.

How do I contact the project creator?

Leave a message in the [Comments] on the project page, or click [Contact Creator] to use our inbox to reach the creator.

If you need other channels, please directly ask the creator through the above methods.

Will my pledge amount be displayed?

Only the creator and flyingV staff can access the pledge information of each order.

What personal information will the creator get?

The creator will collect the information you provide in the order (recipient's name, phone number, address, email, note, pledge amount, rewards, transaction number).

Is my pledge tax-deductible?

We will suggest that creators who can provide tax deduction receipts mention it in the project. If you can't find relevant information, you can directly ask questions in the [Comments].

If the project does not reach its goal, will my pledge be returned?

If the project failed, the pledge will be refunded to you by flyingV. The refund notification letter will be sent within 7-14 working days after the project ended.

【Credit Card】
The pledge amount will be refunded to your card within 14 working days after the project ends. (no handling fee will be generated)

◎ Credit card lump sum: After the refund is completed, you will receive email notification of "NewebPay 藍新金流", please keep it for future reference.

◎ Credit card installment: After the refund is completed, you will receive email notification of "ECPAY 綠界科技", please keep it for future reference.

◎ The refund will be returned to the credit card statement of the current month or the following month, please judge according to the checkout date of the credit card.

【Convenience Store / ATM】
We will ask the applicant to provide the bank or post office account information, and please help to fill in the information required for the refund (Not First Bank users will have the transfer fee of NTD $10, which will be directly deducted from the refund).

◎ Bank remittance fee (NTD $10~$15) is not included in the refund. This fee is a one-time fee charged by each bank. When choosing this payment method, the payer must absorb the service fee imposed by each bank. The platform refunds the fee based on the actual sponsorship amount.

Our payment date is every Friday, please reply to the refund information before Thursday, and the overdue will be postponed to every other week (in case of regular holidays will be operated in advance). Upon completion of the remittance, you will receive an email notification from "第一銀行", which means that the money has been refunded.

The failed project has been over for more than two weeks, but I have not received the refund notification.

Please pay attention to your spam folder after sending the above letter, our mail might be classified as spam sometimes.

If there is still no mail, please write to to inform your member account and the name of the project you pledged.

We will check the refund status for you as soon as possible.

Are there any restrictions to pledge projects?

No. You only need to become a member of flyingV, and you can pledge any project after logging in.

How do I know the identity of the creator?

On the right side of each project, there is a brief intro of the creator. You can click their name to see the detailed information and the name of the person in charge of the project.

The project has been successfully funded, but I have not received any update.

Please confirm the "Updates" section of the project and your contact mail to check if there are any messages posted by the creator; if not, you can email the creator or use the "Comments" section to raise questions and communicate with other backers.

If the creator still has no response, please contact us and we will ask the creator to explain as soon as possible.




依提案者合約第六條第五點規定:若群眾募資專案之回饋項目履行進度延誤或內容有所變動,提案者應即時使用 flyingV 平台之「進度更新」功能將資訊公開於群眾募資專案頁面,贊助者若因上述變動要求變更贊助方案或退款,提案者不得拒絕或剋扣應退還與贊助者之金額。

若您尚未收到出貨相關資訊,也未於專案進度更新頁面看到相關說明公告,請來信 flyingV 客服信箱(,我們會要求提案者盡速說明。

若您希望退款,可依以下情況辦理退款 —


請來信至 告知"退款原因",同時附上您的贊助資訊,包含:專案名稱、金流單號、贊助金額。退款作業需 1~3 個工作天(不包含例假日),完成退款程序將回覆 Email 通知。

◎ 上述贊助資訊可至 贊助紀錄 中查看


◎ flyingV 完成退款申請後,發卡銀行需 2-3 週時程接收訂單退款通知(期間為金流系統至銀行端的作業時間)。

◎ 發卡銀行將依據信用卡結帳日進行當月當筆款項刷退,或次月帳單返還扣抵;若已遇款項列入當期帳單需先行繳納,銀行會至下期退還並扣抵同期帳單費用。(每間銀行處理程序不同,若需了解實際退款日期與退款方式,請持卡人親洽發卡銀行。)


◎ ATM 匯款時產生之銀行跨行手續費(10~15元)不列入退還款項,此為各家銀行收取的一次性費用,選用此付款方式時,付款方須自行吸收各家銀行所強制收取的服務費用,平台依據實際贊助金額退費。

◎ 退款作業固定於每週五轉帳(遇例假日提前),轉帳日當天收到之退款資訊會順延至隔週出款。匯款完成將會收到"第一銀行"EMAIL 通知即代表款項已入帳。


請透過專案頁面的提案團隊客服管道聯繫提案者要求退款,若提案團隊未及時回覆或擱置您的退款請求,請來信 告知,我們將協助聯繫提案團隊儘速處理。


依提案者合約第六條第四點規定:提案者之群眾募資專案商品或服務之回饋項目,屬於《消保法》第 19 條通訊交易範疇,須提供贊助者 7 天鑑賞期,且退貨運費不得由贊助者承擔。

如您需要退貨退款,請透過該專案頁面的提案團隊客服管道聯繫提案者要求退款,若提案團隊未及時回覆或擱置您的退款請求,請來信 告知,我們將協助聯繫提案團隊儘速處理。

什麼「AFTEE 先享後付」?


在日本一年間累積超過 1,580 萬個使用者,並於台灣服務 PChome24h 購物、Yahoo 購物中心、博客來、Rakuten 樂天市場、寶雅線上購等多家線上商城。


1.於結帳方式選擇「AFTEE先享後付」,將跳轉至 「AFTEE先享後付」 結帳畫面。



4.商家向您請款或商品出貨後,您的手機會收到繳費通知簡訊,APP 會員則可登入 APP 確認訂單狀態。

5.請於繳費期限內利用繳費通知簡訊或 AFTEE APP 於四大超商・ATM / 網銀進行付款。

AFTEE 使用流程

※ 請留意繳費期限最短為14天。唯有下載 AFTEE APP 並註冊成功者,方能享有最長 45 天內付款之服務。


1. 透過由恩沛科技股份有限公司提供之「AFTEE先享後付」服務完成的交易,需依本服務之必要範圍內提供個人資料,並將交易相關給付款項請求債權轉讓予恩沛科技股份有限公司。

2. 關於個人資料處理事宜,請瀏覽以下網址:

3. 未成年的使用者請事先徵得法定代理人或監護人之同意方可使用「AFTEE先享後付」,若未經同意申辦者引起之損失,本公司不負相關責任。

4. 初次使用「AFTEE先享後付」時,將依認證結果及本公司審查結果,核予每個人不同之上限額度,最高額度可達 10,000 元。

5. 嚴禁一人註冊多個帳號或使用他人資訊註冊。

6. 若款項超過繳費期限,將根據當次的金額按日加收年利率 16% 的逾期滯納金。※非循環利率

7. 發現蓄意欠款或惡意使用之情形,恩沛科技股份有限公司將有權停止該用戶之使用額度並採取法律行動,提醒您謹慎理財,信用至上。

8. 其他未盡事宜,恩沛科技股份有限公司有最終解釋權。

flyingV is not a store.

The crowdfunding projects on flyingV is essentially different from the general "donate" or "transaction". The backer gives the creator funds; after the project is completed, the creator gives the backer reward.

When the crowdfunding project succeeds, the creator will receive the backer's funds, and the reward will be delivered to the backer as promised; when the crowdfunding project fails, the platform will refund the funds raised to the backer.

This model relies on the operation of the trust mechanism. While reducing the risk of failure of the creator, we will also do everything possible to protect the rights and interests of backers.


What is the difference between members and non-members?

Regardless of flyingV member or not, you can browse all projects.

If you want to leave a comment, pledge the project, or subscribe to our EDM, then you must be a member.

I don't know how to find interesting projects.

Please use the search function, or go to the category you interested in.

You can also check the index to see the popular projects!

What is the benefit of syncing with Facebook?

The system will bring in your basic info automatically when synchronizing with Facebook.

You can also open the "Social binding" to see the projects your friends have backed!

Where can I change my profile?

When you are logged in, click your avatar in the upper right corner of the page, and click the drop-down menu to view and modify in edit profile .

How do I find the projects I backed?

There will be a badge "You are a backer" on the page of the projects you backed. At the same time, you can also see all the backed projects, amount, and its reward from the backed.

Can the unsuccessful projects be seen on flyingV?

Yes, just go to explore page and switch the project status to all.

Why there has a difference between the total pledge amount and the amount of the rewards?

The backer can pledge extra money to support the creator base on the reward.

What does the newsletter write about?

Besides the latest, most interesting, and popular crowdfunding projects, we will also introduce our events and exhibitions, and bring all things worth sharing to you.

Can I unsubscribe the newsletter?

If you want to unsubscribe, please click [Unsubscribe] directly from the email.

What is Vstory?

Vstory posts basic knowledge of crowdfunding, introduce projects, media reports, live events, and interesting things that happen on flyingV!

How to delete my account?

Please go to the account page and click delete account.

What exactly is the pledge?

Crowdfunding projects initiated on flyingV are essentially different from "gift" or "purchase".

Backers pledge creators funds; creators fulfill rewards to backers after the project success. We provide project publication and cashflow services. If a project is successfully funded, we will charge the creator 8% of the funds raised as the platform service fee; When the project fails, we will refund all funds to all backers.

Except for publication and cashflow, the fulfillment of project rewards and tax (if invoices or receipts are required) are the responsibility of the creator.

Do projects have a risk of fraud?

We cannot guarantee that every project can perfectly fulfill its promise, but we will do everything possible to protect the rights of backers.

We require every creator to disclose their identity and do our best to verify it. All creators must agree to the "Creator Contract" when submitting their projects. If there is a legal dispute, we will handle it in accordance with the contract.

If you think the project involves illegal matters or fraud concerns, please write to and we will contact the creator for investigation.

Is the identity of the creator verified?

We do our best to verify the identity of all creators. We require the creator to submit the following information :

Individuals: ID card number, passport number, driving license or residence permit, etc.

Group applicants: unified business no., registration certificate, or other official documents.

What is the fee?

flyingV is Taiwan's largest crowdfunding website.

If you have a project you want to complete, you can publish your project on flyingV to promote it to everyone, and invite people who like your project to support you with the pledge to help you complete the project.

If you support creativity, like creation, appreciate design, love activities, and want to meet a variety of new start-ups or teams, on flyingV you can browse the rich project content, or you can become the most powerful partner of the creator, witness the progress of these projects together and make these ideas come true.

We hope that "The prepared people no longer have to wait", through the power of the platform to match creativity and resources, fulfill more products, plans, and ideas, and bring more beautiful changes to life.


How to create a project?

You only need to click Start a project after registration to start writing your project step by step.

During the editing process, you can save the existing content at any time. After pressing the "Submit Project" button and agreeing to the creator contract, the project can be submitted for review.

Who can be a creator?

The creator must be a member of flyingV.

The creator must be a natural person with full capacity, a legally registered legal person, or a group. If the creator is a minor, his / her legal representative should read and understand our "Creator Contract" before proceeding with the project creation.

Before creating a project, the registration process and membership certification should be completed.

Can foreign users become creators?

Project creation is currently only available to Taiwan users.

Project creation of a foreign unit must have a Taiwan branch or an agent, and the Taiwan agent must be the creator to submit the project.

Is there any limit to the project?

Except for the prohibition in our "Creator Contract", as long as there is a clear and practical goal that can be fulfilled and does not violate current laws, we welcome all types of projects.

If you are not sure whether the project is suitable for our platform, please contact us.

Can an enterprise or other legal person be the creator?

Yes, the creator must be a natural person with full capacity, a legally registered legal person, or a group.

How will flyingV review projects? How long will it take?

It takes 7 working days to review the project.

We will only review and suggest the necessary content and specs, rather than review the content.

Unless your project has doubts about illegality, low feasibility, or involves highly controversial content, flyingV will not prohibit the project.

How to define my project category? Can I set multiple categories or customize it?

We provide several category options when editing the project. If you think your project spans multiple fields, please discuss it with your project manager.

How long should I set my project? Are there upper and lower limits?

The minimum is 7 days and the longest is two months.

Please set a reasonable period based on your situation. If your reward is time-sensitive, please set the date within an appropriate range.

How should I set the funding goal? Are there upper and lower limits?

The minimum goal is NTD $5,000, and there is no upper limit.

But it is recommended to set the goal according to the minimum funding needs of executing the project and fulfilling rewards.

Is it necessary to provide rewards?

Yes, the difference between reward-based crowdfunding and donations is that each project must provide rewards.

Can the shares or dividends of the project be used as a reward?

No. It is illegal to use cash dividends or securities (such as shares, bonds, and cash coupons, etc.) as rewards.

Can I raise funds on different platforms at the same time?

It is prohibited in Taiwan, and not recommended with the abroad platform.

It is forbidden to raise funds on multiple platforms at the same time in Taiwan. It is also recommended to stagger the schedule for fundraising on multinational platforms so that the promotion can be concentrated to achieve one goal at a time.

Why should I provide the estimated delivery date of the rewards?

It is important to let the backer know when the reward will be delivered and to avoid the disputes.

If you are not sure about the date, please set the time more loosely, and make sure you use our "Updates" feature to notify the backer of the latest progress.

How do I charge the shipping fee for the rewards?

Please consider including the domestic freight cost in the reward.

Depending on the size and weight of the items, the cost of overseas or special conditions also varies greatly.

You can set the shipping area and its fee when you create the rewards so that all backers can choose and pay the corresponding shipping cost.

How should I sort the rewards?

We suggest sorting by the pricing. You can also adjust the order as you wish.

Can I limit the quantity of each reward?

Yes, when setting each reward, you can limit the quantity of it.

Can I limit the delivery area (for example, not sending it abroad)?

Yes, please specify clearly in the project. Choosing a good logistics can increase the backer's willingness to pledge and reduce the troubles.

Can I raise funds that exceed my goal?

Yes, all pledge until the deadline will be included in your total funding.

What happens if my goal is not reached after the deadline?

Unfortunately, if the funding is over and the goal is not reached, all funds will be returned to the backer.

You can reapply the project again, and we are happy to discuss ways to increase the funding motivation for your project.

Why is the formatting is messed up after I paste my content?

Since the layout presented on the website is not 100% compatible with Word or other editors, the formatting might be messed up if you paste it directly. We recommend to use our editor to typesetting and avoid directly pasting from others.

If your content requires unique typesetting but is not supported by the editing interface, we recommend accomplishing with images.

Why can't I embed the video?

We accept video embedding with Youtube and Vimeo. If your video is from these two platforms, please check if your URL link is copied correctly.

(The link would be more accurate if you copy it with pressing the share button on the video platform.)

Why can't I upload images?

It may be caused by an unstable network environment, file size, etc. The common causes and solutions are as follows:

・File name contains special symbols or spaces: Please try to name it in pure English / numeric.

・The file format is not supported or exceeds 1MB: Please export it to a common image format (such as .jpg, .png), compress the file size before upload.

・Browser factor: Please try to update or change your browser.

・The server or network environment is unstable. Please wait a while and try again later, or you can edit other parts first.

If it still cannot be ruled out, you can consider uploading the image to a 3rd party image hosting service (such as imgur), and upload the image with the image address instead.

My project did not violate the creator contract, why it is not published?

Please confirm whether there is a suggestion letter from the project manager in your email. It is likely that the project manager thinks your project needs to be explained more clearly.

The project manager will communicate with you about the modification repeatedly because we hope that each project is published in the best state to achieve the best results.

Under what circumstances will the project be suspended?

If we get reports from others or find that the project has legal or other concerns, we will temporarily suspend the project and initiate an investigation to protect the rights and interests of all members.

Our project manager will contact the creator before suspending the project, and we will post an update as an announcement to notify all backers of the result.

In order to promote the project, can I use non authorized materials?

No, if you need to use copyrighted materials to promote the project, you should obtain authorization in advance.

In order to avoid disputes, you can use open-licensed materials to produce promotional materials.

Can I let others preview the project page before it starts?

You can generate a preview page for reference needs.

But please note that the preview link is a public page. If you do not want the leak to happen, please be sure to pay attention.

Can I submit two or more projects at the same time?

Yes, but if the projects are the same series or similar ones, we recommend launching one at a time to concentrate the energy and avoid failing.

Can the same type or series of projects be submitted repeatedly?

Yes, but in order to allow backers to understand the differences or continuity, the project content should clearly state its positioning in the series, future prospects, or differences from similar cases.

Where will my project appear in flyingV?

We will sort and display your project according to the project category, publish date, end date, funding amount, etc., and the index will have a carousel block of the projects.

How can I make my project become "Popular Projects"?

Our algorithm will calculate the popular projects based on the pledge metrics (backers, funds, etc.) of all projects.

How to communicate with my backers?

You can use "Updates" to post the latest news, exchange your thoughts with backers, and answer the questions in "Comments".

Daily interaction with backers and keep the project active are the keys to the success of a project.

Can I edit the project content when it is ongoing?

Only part of the project can be modified and updated. The date and the funding goal cannot be changed, the backed reward can not be deleted either.

For other changes or special circumstances, please contact your project manager to get further help.

Will the "Updates" be delivered to backers?

The post published through "Updates" will be emailed to all backers of the project.

Can the project end early?

Usually, the funding date cannot be changed. If there are other special circumstances, you can have a discussion with your project manager.

Can I pledge my own project?


I received a pledge directly in cash by others, how do I present it on the project?

You can help them choose the right rewards according to their pledge amount, and use your account to complete the pledge for them.

However, please collect the required information (recipient's name, phone number, address, email) for your delivery needs.

I am afraid that I cannot fulfill my project. Can I cancel it?

Yes, but not recommended. When the project has reached its goal but canceled, it hurts the creator a lot. If your project has not reached its goal, you can always discuss the adjustment with your project manager before the project ends.

Please note that even if the project is canceled, it is still accessible on flyingV.

If my project is successfully funded, when can I get the money?

10 working days after the project is successfully funded, you will receive a closing report sent by flyingV.

If we received the remittance account information, we will remit the funds on the next Friday. If the project encounters unresistible factors (customer service, refund, etc.), the payment date may be delayed.

What is the importance of fulfilling rewards?

On the crowdfunding platform, it is the responsibility of the creator to fulfill rewards.

Every service provided by flyingV is aimed at building an effective and convenient way to match creators and backers. We will fulfill our platform responsibilities, but we cannot guarantee that creators can fulfill their plans perfectly.

If any dispute occurred, we will handle it carefully with our "Creator Contract" and "Terms of Use".

What are "Risks and Challenges"?

We understand that every creator strives to fulfill the project smoothly.

However, in order to protect the interests of both parties, we require the creator to indicate the challenges and difficulties that the project may encounter and how they would handle it. To avoid disputes, the creator can also publish their expenditures to let backers know that every penny they pledge worth it.

What is the fee?

If a project is successfully funded, flyingV collects an 8% fee from the total funds. If a project does not reach its funding goal, no fees are collected.

We use the all or nothing model to minimize the risk of the creators.



假設某提案者於 flyingV 發起募資專案成功募得 10 萬元,則應以 $100,000 * 6%(純益率)計算出營利所得 $6,000。


衛福部認定群眾募資平台適用《公益勸募條例》,如果您屬於以下團體且具有相關年度 / 活動勸募許可文號,方可進行公益性質募資專案:



如有銷售貨物、實體活動票卷或勞務,依營業稅法第 6 條第 1 項第 2 款規定:非以營利為目的之事業、機關、團體、組織,有銷售貨物或勞務者為營業人,需提供贊助者業務收據。

Why does crowdfunding use all-or-nothing model?

Crowdfunding allows the creators to get direct support from backers before executing the project. We hope that each creator will carefully evaluate the amount of money they want to raise in the crowdfunding project based on the principle of the minimum threshold for the implementation of the project plan.

When the creator is ready, flyingV provides a stage that can be seen by the public, and then people can choose whether to support it. At the same time, we also hope to minimize the risk of failure of the creators.

Therefore, when the project fails, the creator does not need to pay any fees, as long as they use this experience to improve their plan, make more efforts and make different attempts to make a comeback. Only when the crowdfunding plan is successful, we will charge a handling fee.