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We love life like everyone who is full of ideas and wants to do better. We are always full of enthusiasm for exploring the unknown field. Because of the concern about public affairs, we think a lot but execute more. We work together to make more values ​​and ideas visible and let good ideas come into life. We are engaged in social changes to make this huge wheel move faster. In flyingV, we work hard together, laugh loudly together, and inspire new ideas to make everyone's ideals come true.

About You

Creative and courageous creators, and backers who support creation with action, bring your own stories and beliefs to achieve flyingV's projects from various fields. You are a group of people who care about the environment better than yourselves, and it is the driving force that keeps us moving forward.

「We do things to make the world a little better.」

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「I want to work with you to make the ideas come true.」

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「I can't turn a blind eye to other people's wonderful ideas.」