Danny Lung Danny Lung
加油! :)
Zoe Chen Zoe Chen
Ernest Chiang Ernest Chiang
Enjoy your life, AIESEC you life!
Jeffrey Peng Jeffrey Peng
showh86 . showh86 .
加油! 我是CCLC 政大分會 95-96 LCP
NN liu NN liu
Matthew Wei Matthew Wei
My dear younger bros and sisters in @. I'm so proud of you and hope this tiny support could be one more step for you to realize your dream. Jia Yo and keep the life changing experience going on!
Peggy Pan Peggy Pan
Proud to be an AIESECer! CC team辛苦了!Let's welcome world to Taiwan :)
Dirk Lin Dirk Lin
We are really proud of you! Let's bring Taiwan to the global stage :)
Roger Lo Roger Lo
Congrats to AIESEC Taiwan for receiving this great chance to shine and branding Taiwan at the global plenary. Well done CC team! I am happy for AIESEC Taiwan and Taiwan nation :)
Ding-Ding Chiao Ding-Ding Chiao
加油,AIESEC TAIWAN,我非常期待今年的世界大會喔!雖然贊助的金額不多,但這是一位alumni對AIESEC的支持與熱愛♥
Alen Wei Alen Wei
International congress has been always part of my best memory in AIESEC. And I really feel touched that we managed to bid IC 2014, which will be in my second hometown Kaohsiung. I would hope I can be there to witness this great moment for AIESEC in Taiwan
Sheng-Fen Ku Sheng-Fen Ku
熱血需要應援, 應該的
Gail Chen Gail Chen
AIESEC TW FIGHT~~盡份心力 大大支持! 加油.....
Amber Lin Amber Lin
AIESEC TW好棒!! 目前不確定是否能出席,但很榮幸能夠盡盡一己之力!先預計IC 2014馬到成功!!
Winnie Wu Winnie Wu
Proud to be an AIESECer! ;D Let's take action to support IC and show the value & beauty of AIESEC Taiwan to the world.
Pairry Chiang Pairry Chiang
喔耶~ 期待我的金色悠遊卡!! BTW, 有誰認識OC的人嗎? 我想找他們聊聊啊~
Gabriella Chiu Gabriella Chiu
Anew 加油
Wei Lin Wei Lin
加油!! Taiwan is hot to go!! :)
Sandra Ma Sandra Ma
I'm glad to have a chance making such a meaningful contribution to my beloved Aiesec. =)
WHitehair Kuo WHitehair Kuo
Hey AIESEC !! 能夠為學弟妹們付出,是我們的榮幸,大家加油。
WHitehair Kuo WHitehair Kuo
加油,相信你們會打造出一個很棒的世界大會。 go go AIESEC in TW
Anthony Wu Anthony Wu
高紳 高紳
Leo Lee Leo Lee
做為2013-2014年度的總會會長,我全力支持也謝謝各位的支持幫助我們達成AIESEC Taiwan共同的夢想! 希望我能夠盡到一己之力,一同完成這個願景!
Wenny Ko Wenny Ko
曾偉哲 曾偉哲
Wenny Ko Wenny Ko
Wenny Ko Wenny Ko
Chia-fen Chang Chia-fen Chang
我們是IPM1999 in TW的OC team!希望在活動即將到來的最後階段,給各位辛苦工作的IC 2014 OC team學弟妹加油打氣,相信各位一定會將最好的成果展現在全世界的面前!
Chia-fen Chang Chia-fen Chang
我們是IPM99 in TW的OC team!希望在活動即將到來的最後階段,給各位辛苦工作的IC 2014 OC team學弟妹加油打氣,相信各位一定會將最好的成果展現在全世界的面前!
Jeffery Fang Jeffery Fang
2014 IC OC team, 加油! I probably won't be able to return to Taiwan and celebrate the success with you; however, I am proud to see what you have made our dream into reality!